About Me







Hai, Dear Parents,

I am V.Jambu manivannan, herbalist. Past 4 decades my family is

in herbal field. I have more experience with herbals. I decided to

do favour in human society as differently as per I concern myself

what to do that? I choosed “Brain Disorder” is most dangrous in

human society in which, there is no medicine, there is no curable

in universities at present. The world, The sky, The earth, The

Sun, The moon, The wind, The Fire all are giving something to

our life. So why “No cure”?


Now I am giving cure to all kind of Brain Disorders.Every month

1,2,3,4,5 days (First 1 to 5th) available at my hospital. Autism

“No Cure”. But if you come to our hospital you can meet Brain

disorder cured children & parents. I am not giving any kind of



We are giving some natural herbals. No side effects. Within three

years a AUTISM children can get normal. Within six months you

can notice improvements.


Please come once & meet me, Enjoy the life.

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